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     Interprets a compatibility mode BASIC/V program. BASIC/V is not
     part of the 900 Series HP 3000 Computer System Fundamental
     Operating Software and must be purchased separately.  (CM)


     BASIC [commandfile][,[inputfile][,listfile]]


commandfile         Actual file designator of the source file or device
                    from which BASIC/V commands and statements are
                    input. This can be any ASCII input file.  Formal
                    file designator is BASCOM.  Default is $STDINX.

inputfile           Actual file designator of the file containing data
                    input for a BASIC/V program.  This can be any ASCII
                    input file.  Formal file designator is BASIN.
                    Default is $STDINX.

listfile            Actual file designator of the destination file for
                    the program listing and output.  This can be any
                    ASCII output file.  Formal file designator is
                    BASLIST.  Default is $STDLIST.


The formal file designators used in this command (BASCOM, BASIN, and
BASLIST) cannot be backreferenced as actual file designators in the
command parameter list.  For further information, refer to the "IMPLICIT
FILE COMMANDS FOR SUBSYSTEMS" discussion of the MPE/iX FILE command.


This command may be issued from a session, job, or program.  It may not
be used in BREAK.  Pressing [Break] suspends the execution of this
command.  Entering RESUME continues the execution.


     The BASIC/V command is generally used for online programming
     in BASIC/V, but it can also be used to interpret BASIC/V
     programs submitted in batch mode.  In batch mode, the BASIC/V
     >EOD command is required after any data following the BASIC/V
     >RUN command, or after the >RUN command itself if there is
     no data.


     To enter commands and data from your standard input device,
     with program listing and output transmitted to the standard
     output device, enter


     You may also submit commands and data to the BASIC/V interpreter
     through input files that you have stored on disk.  Files created
     using the EDITOR subsystem must be kept with the UNN (unnumbered)
     option of the EDITOR subsystem's KEEP command.  In this example,
     BASIC/V interpreter commands and statements are submitted from the
     command file MYCOMDS.  The data that the program uses is stored in
     the input file MYDATA.  The program listing and output are written
     to the file MYLIST.




Manuals :   BASIC/V Interpreter Manual (32103-90001)
            MPE Segmenter Reference Manual (32650-60026)

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