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                        TAKING CONTROL OF HELP

             Find the CONTROL key.  It may be labeled CTRL

     All by itself <CTRL> doesn't do much.  But if you use it with
     the letter S or the letter Q, the computer will know what to

     The trick is to hold down the <CTRL> key and press down on S
     or Q...AT THE SAME TIME.  It takes two fingers.  <CTRL> S
     means press <CTRL> and S at the same time.

      ::  For now, just take notes and use <RETURN> by itself.  ::
      ::    The keys listed below will turn out useful later.   ::

      S or Q . . . . . Press <CRTL> and S or Q at the same time.

      E. . . . . . . . Works alone.  Press E and then <RETURN>.

You can use them uppercase or lowercase.           Please press <RETURN>

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