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                        FOR NOW, JUST MAKE NOTES
Use this...                 To do this...

       <CTRL> S             Freeze the screen any time the lines
                            roll upward too quickly to read.  Some HELP
                            entries are long and roll by very fast.

       <CTRL> Q             Unfreeze the screen when you want the
                            lines to start rolling upward again.

       E <RETURN> or       To quit HELP and return to the MPE/iX prompt
       e <RETURN>           (the colon :)

       <RETURN>             "Turns the page" in Help.  In HELPSTUDY each
                            "page" is just the size of the screen. But
                            in some parts of HELP the pages are very big
                            and roll by fast.
                                                ...Please press <RETURN>
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