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GIMME is a command.  What follows is the SYNTAX diagram of the GIMME
command, a list of what you can order with GIMME and how to order it:

:GIMME sandwichkind [;BREAD=typeofbread {,       }]
   [;CONDIMENT= stuffonit1 [,stuffonit2[,stuffonit3[,stuffonit4]]]]
                        XTRALRG    CAN
                        LARGE      PAPERCUP
   [;DRINK= drinktype {,MEDIUM }[,[        ][,SODASTRAW]]]
                        SMALL      BOTTLE
     HERE               TINY       GLASS
   [;    ]

                     In a syntax diagram, look for:
: KEYWORD (CAPITALS) -->  Use it or one of its "equal" words.          :
: variable (lowers)  -->  Use an acceptable substitute.                :
: [ ]                -->  Use or ignore it (it's an "option").         :
: { }                -->  Must be used unless it's inside an [option]. :
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