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     Displays disk space usage, in sectors, for one or more
     directories or a directory tree.


     DISKUSE [ [DIR=]dir_name]
             [; TREE | NOTREE | USENAME ]


     dir_name     Directory name for which information is being
                  listed (optional).  The dir_name is assumed to be
                  an MPE syntax name.  HFS-named directories may be
                  shown if dir_name starts with a dot (.) or a
                  slash (/).

                  If dir_name is an HFS name and ends in a slash,
                  then all objects at all levels under and including
                  dir_name will be reported, unless the NOTREE option
                  is specified.  Wildcarding is permitted.  If
                  dir_name is omitted, the process' Current Working
                  Directory (CWD) is assumed.

      TREE        Causes all directories below and including dir_name
                  to be reported.  The dir_name may or may not end in
                  a slash (/), with no error or warning detected.
                  Since the MPE naming convention does not support a
                  trailing slash (/), the TREE option is the only way
                  to report multi-level disk space usage for an
                  MPE-named directory in a single command.

      NOTREE      Causes dir_name only to be reported.  If dir_name is
                  an HFS name, and ends in a slash (/), a warning
                  tells you that ``NOTREE'' overrides the trailing
                  slash (/).  For example,

 NOTREE option overrides directory name ending in "/".  (CIWARN 9041)

      USENAME     Causes DISKUSE to use dir_name name to decide
                  whether or not to display multiple levels of
                  directories.  If dir_name is an HFS name and ends in
                  a slash (/), then it, and all directories under it,
                  will be shown.  If dir_name does not end in a slash
                  (/), then only dir_name will be reported.  USENAME
                  only applies to HFS-named directories and is ignored
                  for MPE-named directories.  USENAME is the default.


     Reports disk space, in sectors, for a directory.  Disk space
     allocated to directories themselves (including accounts and MPE
     groups) is counted as part of the total number of sectors.  The
     process' CWD is shown for all relative pathnames.

     The number of components in the pathname controls the level of
     directories being reported.  If a pathname has four components,
     for example, /a/b/c/d, then only directories with four or more
     components will contribute to the output.  This also applies to
     wildcarded component names.  For example, /@/@/@/@, will only
     count directories with at least four components in their pathname
     (absolute or relative, depending on how it was specified).  MPE
     names follow the same formula:  @.@.@ reports only MPE-named
     directories one level below MPE groups.  (@.@ is the same since
     it is qualified with the logon account name.)

     You must have Traverse Directory entries (TD) and Read Directory
     entries (RD) permissions to each directory contributing to the
     reported totals.  TD access is needed to each directory component
     named in dir_name (refer to the ALTSEC command for additional
     information on directory permissions).


     MPE syntax cannot specify a group.account.  MPE syntax only
     permits DIR.GROUP.ACCT.  (If group.account were specified,
     it would be interpreted as GROUP.ACCOUNT.LOGON_ACCOUNT.)

     Directory errors can occur while DISKUSE is collecting file
     space information.  For example, if you lack Traverse Directory
     entries (TD) access to one or more of the lower level
     directories, an error occurs.

     If TREE is specified, you will only be able to see directories
     you have TD and RD access to. DISKUSE stops on the first error
     encountered.  This may result in no data (other than a header)
     displayed, or in the case of wildcarded names, some directories
     will be seen (up to the directory where the error occurred).
     Even in the wildcarded directory name case, once an error is
     encountered, DISKUSE terminates.


     The following example illustrates the format of the DISKUSE
     output.  In this example, the TREE option is implied by the
     trailing slash.

      DISKUSE ./

        TREE       LEVEL   DIRECTORY  (CWD = /ACCT/GROUP/d0)

          64 +         0   ./d1/
          96          32   ./d2/d4/
          64           0   ./d2/d5/d8/
         128          64   ./d2/d5/
         112          48   ./d2/d6/
         448 +       240   ./d2/
          64           0   ./d3/d7/d9/
         208         144   ./d3/d7/
         336 +       128   ./d3/
          48 +         0     (files directly below specified directory)
         960         240   ./ (64 +)

      The next example illustrates the use of the NOTREE option.
      Only the directory name is displayed.


        960         240   /ACCT/GROUP/d0/

      MPE syntax can also be used, as shown in the following
      example (note that the dir_name (MYDIR) is upshifted.)

      DISKUSE mydir.group.acct


        2100        330   /ACCT/GROUP/MYDIR



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