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Syntax:     INPUT([prompt][,wait][,cnt][,default][,'console'])

Defn:       A CI function that writes a prompt and reads an input value
            which is functionally return.  If "console" is specified the
            prompt is written to, and the value is read from the system
            console.  Otherwise, the prompt is written to $STDLIST and
            the input value is read from $STDIN. "wait" is the number
            of seconds for a timed read, 0 mean no timeout.  "cnt" is
            the number of bytes to read. "default" is a string value to
            be used as the default response if no input is provided.
            The default "prompt" is the null string; default "wait" is
            zero; default "cnt" is 1024 characters; default "default" is
            the null string; default for I/O is to $STDIN/$STDLIST, not
            the console.

Type:       String

Example:    :calc input("Enter menu choice (1, 2, 3):")
Result:     Enter menu choice (1, 2, 3):

Example:    :calc input('Reply "Y" when the job is ready',,,,'console')
Result:     Reply "Y" when the job is ready    <-- seen on the console

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