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     Prints link status information, or activates or deactivates
     link level tracing on the specified data communications
     line.  Node Manager (NM) capability is required.


                              {linkname }

              [{;STATUS=} {A[LL]}                                     ]
              [{    ,   } {L[INK[STATE]]}                             ]
              [           {C[ONF[IGURATION]]}                         ]
              [           {S[TAT[ISTICS]]}                            ]
              [           {D[IAG[STATS]]}                             ]
              [           {R[ESET]}                                   ]
              [                                                       ]
              [{;TRACE= } {ON } [,DATA]    [,buffsize] ,tracefilename]]
              [           {OFF} [,ALL]                                ]
              [                 [,PARTIAL]                            ]
              [                 [,FULL]                               ]

     "LINKNAME" is a required parameter.  The STATUS parameter value
     can be specified by preceding it with a comma or semicolon.  If
     the STATUS parameter is preceded by a semicolon, it is assigned a
     keyword value and must be entered as "STATUS=".  TRACE must be
     specified as a keyword, preceded by a semicolon and entered as
     "TRACE=".  Either STATUS or TRACE may be specified, but not both.
     If neither STATUS or TRACE is specified, the default is STATUS.


LINKNAME=          Specifies the name of an active data communications

@                  Specifies all active data communications links.
                   Other wildcard characters are not allowed.

linkname           The name of an active data communications link. This
                   is the name that was configured for that link by
                   NMMGR in the datacomm configuration file.

STATUS=            Requests status information about the link. This
                   is the default option.  If @ is specified for the
                   linkname, then the default for STATUS= will be
                   LINKSTATE; otherwise STATUS=ALL is assumed.

ALL                Prints configuration information followed by
                   link statistics information.

LINKSTATE          Prints link name, link type, and link state

CONFIGURATION      Prints LINKSTATE information and configuration

STATISTICS         Prints LINKSTATE information and various link
                   statistics, including some accumulated link level
                   error statistics.

DIAGSTATS          Prints LINKSTATE information, followed by link
                   statistics, which include diagnostic statistics.

RESET              Prints LINKSTATE and statistics, then resets
                   accumulated link statistics counters to 0.

TRACE=             Requests trace options for the link.  May not be
                   specified at the same time as STATUS.

ON or OFF          Turns link level trace on or off.  Either ON or OFF
                   must be specified.  If OFF is specified, the syntax
                   of any following subparameters is checked, but these
                   parameters are ignored.

DATA or ALL        Used ONLY for LAN links.
                   Specifies the type of data to be traced.  DATA
                   means trace all read and write requests.  ALL means
                   trace all read, write, control, status, and
                   exception requests.  If neither DATA or ALL is
                   specified DATA is the default.
PARTIAL or FULL    Used ONLY for LAP-B or SDLC links.
                   Specifies the type of data to be traced.  PARTIAL
                   means all read, write, control, status, and
                   exception requests are traced. Only the first 16
                   bytes of data are traced for reads or writes.  FULL
                   means that all read, write, control, status,
                   exception requests, and the entire data field are
                   traced.  If neither FULL or PARTIAL is specified,
                   PARTIAL is the default.

buffsize           Size in Kbytes of the trace buffer area in memory.
                   This area is used to buffer trace data before it can
                   be written to disk.  Allowable values are 1 to 16.
                   The default is 4 for LAN links, and 5 for LAP-B and
tracefilename      Designates the name of the disk file where the
                   trace data is written.  If tracefilename is not
                   specified, a file with the name NMTCnnnn.PUB.SYS
                   will be supplied automatically, where nnnn varies
                   from 0 to 9999.  If a filename is specified without
                   group or account names, the current group and
                   account names of this user are used.


     LINKCONTROL STATUS prints configuration and link level statistics
     information about the specified active link.  LINKCONTROL TRACE
     manages link level tracing for the specified link.  Either
     LINKCONTROL STATUS or LINKCONTROL TRACE may be specified, but not


     LINKCONTROL @                        {STATUS=LINKSTATE is default}

     LINKCONTROL @;STATUS=ALL             {STATUS=ALL for all }
             or                            { active links      }


     LINKCONTROL LAPBLINK                 {STATUS=ALL is default}




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