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                              SYNTAX RULE:
:::::::::::::::::  The MPE-V syntax (shown in         ::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::  the syntax diagrams) will always   ::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::  work.                              ::::::::::::::::::

           The MPE-V syntax conventions are maintained
           throughout the Help Facility for consistency.  You
           may use the MPE-V syntax convention for any
           command labeled NM, CM, or unlabeled.

           But you may use the more flexible syntax for any NM
           command except SETVAR.  Suppose that the NM
           UNCHANGEDDNAME command has the following syntax:

NMCMDNAME KEYWORD1 = value1; KEYWORD2 = value2 ... ;KEYWORDn = valuen

           Because it is a NM command, you may chose how you
           enter the command at the keyboard or in a job stream:

                                               ...Please press <RETURN>
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