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                             STOP ALREADY!

Remember way back in the beginning we mentioned <CTRL> S and <CTRL> Q?

Pressing <RETURN> while you're using HELP will take you from one KEYWORD
to the next.  But some of those entries are just too big to fit in one
screenful.  Those big entries will roll by too fast to read.

Pressing <CTRL> and S simultaneously will stop the screen from rolling.
To make it start rolling again, press <CTRL> and Q simultaneously.

Suppose the text rolls by too fast.  You press <CTRL> S to stop the text
from rolling, but your fingers just aren't cooperating.  The text stops
moving, but not where you wanted to be.

It happens.  Press <CTRL> and Q simultaneously to let the text roll by
again.  It will stop at the next KEYWORD.  Just tell the computer you
want to look for the COMMAND and KEYWORD.  For example, if BUILD
OPERATION got away from you, let the text stop at the next KEYWORD (it
will stop at EXAMPLE).  Just type BUILD OPERATION <RETURN> and HELP will
find that entry again.
                                                ...Please press <RETURN>
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