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     Purges (unlinks) one or more directories.


     PURGEDIR [DIR]=dir_name


dir_name            The name of the directory that is being
                    purged (required).  The dir_name is assumed
                    to be an MPE name.  HFS-named directories  may
                    be purged if dir_name starts with a dot (.) or a
                    slash (/).  If dir_name is an HFS name and ends in
                    a slash, then all objects at all levels under, and
                    including dir_name, will be purged, unless the
                    NOTREE option is specified.  Wildcarding is
                    permitted. The dir_name cannot name root (/).

USENAME             This default option indicates that dir_name alone
                    controls whether or not all levels of directories
                    and files are deleted.  If dir_name is an HFS
                    name and ends in a slash (/), then it, and all
                    objects under it will be deleted.  If dir_name
                    does not end in a slash (/), then only dir_name
                    will be purged, assuming it is empty.

                    USENAME only applies to HFS-named directories, and
                    is ignored for MPE-named directories.

TREE                Causes all objects below and including dir_name to
                    be purged.  The dir_name may or may not end in a
                    slash (/), with no error/warning reported.  Since
                    the MPE naming convention does not support a
                    trailing slash (/), the TREE option is the only
                    way to delete a non-empty, MPE-named directory in
                    a single command.

NOTREE              Causes dir_name only to be purged if it is empty.
                    If dir_name is an HFS name and ends in a slash
                    (/), a warning tells you that NOTREE overrides
                    the trailing slash (/).

CONFIRM             Asks you to confirm the directory purge.  CONFIRM
                    is the default for sessions and is ignored in jobs.

NOCONFIRM           Causes the purge of dir_name (and all objects
                    under it for TREE purges) without the need to
                    prompt.  NOCONFIRM is the default for jobs.

SHOW                Displays to $STDLIST each file/directory under
                    dir_name that was purged.  Directory names are
                    always displayed in an HFS syntax, even if the
                    name was specified as an MPE name.

SHOWERRORS          Causes each lower-level error, which prevents an
                    object below dir_name from being deleted, to be
                    displayed on $STDLIST.  The object (file or
                    directory) name is shown, followed by the error
                    message.  By default lower-level errors are not

NOSHOWERRORS        Suppresses the display of low-level errors.
                    NOSHOWERRORS is the default.


     Purges the directory dir_name.  The dir_name cannot name an MPE
     account, an MPE group, a file, or root (/).  Dot (.) and dot-dot
     (..) can be specified, but cannot be purged.

     By default PURGEDIR deletes an MPE-named directory.  This means
     that dir_name must follow all MPE naming rules, unless it is
     prefixed with a dot (.) or a slash (/). Since the MPE name syntax
     defines three levels, fully (or partially) qualified MPE-named
     directories can only be created under MPE groups.  Unqualified
     MPE-named directories are created relative to the CWD.
     Directories do not support lockwords, file equations, or system
     defined filenames (e.g. $NEWPASS).  If dir_name begins with a
     dot (.) or a slash (/), then HFS naming rules are enforced.

     The directory referenced by dir_name must be empty (except
     for dot (.) and dot-dot (..)) in order to be purged, unless a
     TREE purge is requested.  A TREE purge may be requested as

         Specify the TREE option (dir_name does not control a
         multi-level purge in this case).  This is the only choice
         available if dir_name is an MPE name.

         If dir_name is an HFS name, ends in a slash (/), and the
         NOTREE option is not requested.

     The dir_name cannot reference root (/) because purging root is
     undesirable, and most likely is not what is intended.

     A file or directory will not be deleted if it is being accessed
     (opened); however, all non-accessed objects under dir_name will
     still be purged. A final "IN USE" error indicates that dir_name
     was not deleted because one or more children objects could not
     be removed.

     If CONFIRM is specified and your session is interactive, then you
     are prompted to confirm the purge of dir_name.  This prompt
     occurs before any validation of dir_name is performed.  If a
     NOTREE purge is requested, the following prompt is displayed:

         DIRECTORY dir_name TO BE PURGED? (YES/NO)

     Valid responses are: ``YES'', ``Y'', ``NO'', ``N''
     (case insensitive). If a ``TREE'' purge is requested, the prompt


     Valid responses are: ``ALL'', ``NO'', ``N'' (case insensitive).


     The following examples purge "dir1", which is empty.



     The following examples purge "dir1" and below.

          PURGEDIR /MYACCT/MYGRP/dir1/




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