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         Deletes a job queue from the system.


     PURGEJOBQ   queuename


queuename           Name of the queue to be deleted. Queuenames can
                    contain only alphanumeric characters. Queuenames
                    can be up to 8 characters in length and longer
                    names will not be accepted.


     The PURGEJOBQ command deletes the specified job queue from the
     system. You can purge a job queue only if it is empty, that is, if
     no jobs are waiting or executing on the job queue. You can not
     purge the default system job queue. You must have System Manager
     (SM) or Operator (OP) capability to execute the command.

     This command is available in a session, job, or in BREAK. Pressing
     [Break] aborts the execution of this command. This command is not
     allowed in SYSSTART.


        :PURGEJOBQ   myjobq

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