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KEYWORDS           Almost every command that MPE/iX obeys contains
                   KEYWORDS that the computer instantly recognizes.
                   They always appear in CAPITAL LETTERS in the HELP
                   dictionary entries.  Keywords have to be spelled
                   exactly as you see them, even if they look odd.

variables          In HELP, almost every command entry shows variables.
                   You'll recognize variables in the HELP entries,
                   because they appear in lowercase letters.

Suppose you saw something like this:  TIME = when.  TIME is a KEYWORD
here.  It's always spelled t-i-m-e.  In this example, "when" is a
variable.  TIME = 2:35 is acceptable.  So is TIME = 10:02.  And because
MPE/iX uses a 24-hour clock, so is TIME = 22:19.

But TIME = 44:26 pm is always wrong.  There are lots of things you can
choose to put in place of a variable in a command.  One choice will work
just right, while others won't work as well.  And some won't work at
all.  So, what's the right one?  It depends on what you need to do.

HELP can guide you toward choosing variables and KEYWORDS that work with
each command and the right punctuation. That's what we mean by SYNTAX.

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