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     Suspends output to a spooled device.  (CM)




ldev                The logical device number of a spooled device.

FINISH              Directs the device to complete the currently active
                    spoolfile and then stop.


     When the spooler process is suspended, the message SP# ldev
     SPOOLER SUSPENDED is displayed on the console.  You may also
     determine the spooler's status by entering SHOWOUT
     SP;JOB=@.  If suspended, any spoolfiles listed will be READY
     for printing; none will be ACTIVE, and a SHOWDEV of the
     spooled device will indicate that the device is still
     spooled.  Refer to the SHOWOUT command in this manual.

     When suspending an ACTIVE spoolfile, you should first take
     the output device offline.  This gives you time to enter the
     command and determine that the ACTIVE file is the one being
     printed.  If you issue SUSPENDSPOOL without taking the
     device offline, that file might finish printing while you
     enter the command, and another file might start.

     The SUSPENDSPOOL command without the ;FINISH option causes
     the spooler to retain ownership of its current file.  The
     spooler does not cap the current file with a page eject
     and a (optional) trailer, but pauses output at the point
     of the command.

     When your instruction has been sent to the spooler process,
     MPE/iX will return a colon prompt ().  The command will not
     be executed, however, until the output device is returned
     online.  Only then will you receive the SPOOLER SUSPENDED

     This command may be issued from a session, job, in BREAK, or
     from a program.  Pressing [Break] has no effect on this
     command.  It may be issued only from the console unless it is
     distributed to users with the ALLOW or ASSOCIATE commands.

NOTE: Periodically, the spooler checks for commands in a spoolfile and
stops sending data to the device as soon as it detects one, (unless a
;FINISH keyword has been used).  However, there can be a lot of data in
the file system and device buffers at the time, that causes data to
continue to print on the device until it is exhausted.  Depending on the
device and the composition of the data, this can be one-half to ten
pages or more in length.


     To suspend printing on logical device 6, enter


     To suspend printing on logical device 6 once the currently
     active spoolfile is completely printed, enter




Manuals :   Performing System Operation Tasks (32650-90137)

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