CICAT Indexing Routines

If you prefer to "roll your own" CICAT index, I have packaged the three routines together in a store-to-disk file (in Reflection "Labels" format) you can download below.  You will of course need perl on your system. After transferring the file below into the appropriate group on your HP e3000 (call it NDXCICAT),

:RESTORE *NDXCICAT;@.@.@;LOCAL;SHOW;KEEP       <--- 4 files will be restored

:cicatndx ?

File name: CICATNDX

Author: Donna Garverick

This script is designed to produce an index.html file in
the given directory. Typically, this directory should
contain other .html (or .htm) files that have no central indexing
method. Combined with the perl script '', written
by Mark Bixby, which produces a collection of .html files based
on the contents of CICAT.PUB.SYS. CICATNDX and CICATNDX2 give you
indexed access to the MPE HELP catalog.

To use, you need to edit the lines

$destdir = '/APACHE/PUB/public_html/htdocs/mpe65/cicat';

inserting the correct path for your installation.



XEQ CICATNDX path_to_html_files

Save the following file locally and then transfer it to your HP e3000 using Reflection "Labels" protocol. In IE, "right click" and choose "Save Target As": ndxcicat