Transition Alternatives Analysis

On November 14, 2001, the IT world changed dramatically and irreversibly for everyone using the HP 3000 and MPE.  Whether it wants to or not, each organization with at least one HP 3000 is embarking on a transition, a transition that will make or break careers, and a transition that if handled poorly could bring down the organization. Instead of making what in retrospect now seem like simple decisions such as which enhancements to add or when to upgrade, each organization must now make a business critical IT decision how to transition to the future.

You have four choices to consider for a transition strategy: to build, to buy (replace), to migrate (port) or to stay (homestead).  Everyone understands that building, buying and porting are major decisions, major projects and will cost significant dollars, but there is a tendency to dismiss staying as the do nothing, no (or low) cost approach.  Take that approach at your peril.  Evaluate in detail all four options.  This is not something you can or should try to dash off in a few days. It will likely be a defining moment in your career.  Treat it as such. Get professional, unbiased help.

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