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     Sets or changes the default execution priority for batch
     jobs and sets a maximum execution priority for batch jobs.


     JOBPRI [maxsubqueue][,defaultsubqueue]


maxsubqueue         The maximum priority at which batch jobs will be
                    allowed to run.  This overrides any job priority a
                    user may have requested with the JOB command.  This
                    parameter may be ES, DS, CS, or 0. If 0 is
                    specified, no limit is imposed on batch jobs.
                    Default is no change in maximum priority.

defaultsubqueue     The default execution priority for batch jobs, which
                    may be ES, DS, or CS. This takes effect if a user
                    does not specify an execution priority in the JOB
                    command.  Default is no change in execution


     The maxsubqueue parameter specified in the JOBPRI command
     takes precedence over defaultsubqueue.  Therefore, selecting
     a default parameter greater than the value of maxsubqueue
     parameter will not affect job execution.  Jobs will still be
     initiated with the maximum priority parameter.

     This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
     in BREAK. Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command.
     Users must have OP capability to execute this command.


     To raise the maximum execution priority so that batch jobs
     can run in any subqueue requested, enter

     JOBPRI 0

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